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Want a great source of jobs delivered right to your mailbox? Visit the Rutgers University Human Resources page where you can sign up to have vacancies sent to you every week.  New Jersey’s largest public university (campuses in New Brunswick, Newark and Camden)  has openings in Administration, Communications, Facilities, financial, Public Safety, Research, and Student Services, and qualified candidates can apply online by posting a resume and releasing it to the position(s) of interest.

I chose Rutgers since every so often I have to give a shout-out to the old alma matte, but the fact is that any college or university typically offers a treasure trove of vacancies covering a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from police officers, cooks, and custodians to accountants, writers, business managers, and more! So next time you’re planning your job search, don’t rule out working for an academic institution.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

We’re all busy these days, and certainly when we have the added task of having to search for a job, the thought of hiring a service to do a “mass blast” of our resumé to hundreds of organizations that are can help us with our job search is certainly an attractive sounding option, right?

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Looking for a seasonal/part-time job at some of the greatest places on earth? Then you’ll definitely want to check out, a site which caters to the job-seeker in search of an employment opportunity that goes beyond the four walls of an office and which incorporates fun, activity, and adventure.

Happy job hunting!

Start the New Year off right by getting on the right path to success. If you’ve found that your job search has yielded very little results up until this point, that could be because you’re just not looking in the right industries.

According to some stats posted on, fields such as Education, Hospitality, and Retail are on the rise  while other past favorites such as IT, Real Estate, Construction, Media/Newspapers, and Financial Services/Banking have suffered massive declines in their demands for qualified persons.

What does this mean for the job-seeker? If you’re trying to get into a field that has seen a steady decline, you’d better have a powerfully written resume and career portfolio to convince employers that you’re worth hiring — and keeping. A professionally trained resume writer can help you find your personal brand and craft a strong set of documents to help you penetrate your target market.

Would you buy a new car sight unseen? Probably not given the type of investment you’d be making. So why take a similar risk with your career by posting your resumé on a job web posting board where anyone with an account – legitimate business or scammer – can access YOUR personal information?

Job boards serve as a good starting resource for people in the market for a new career direction, but they shouldn’t be your only source. Here are some safety tips:

  1. Bookmark job sites listed in ads and verify that they are legitimate links to the companies. Many of the Fortune 500 organizations have their own employment databases and some even allow you to upload your resumé to their database.
  2. Check for a telephone number. There’s no harm in calling for more information – and making sure the company is legitimate – in order to make an informed decision about whether to pursue employment with the lead.
  3. If you do post your resumé on a public job board, limit the amount of personal information you show. For example, instead of listing your address and telephone number, list an e-mail.
  4. Mask any potentially identifying information, such as current or most recent employer (you could put COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL in place of the name). Once you determine that you’re dealing with a legitimate recruiter, release your information.
  5. Finally, if an ad sounds “too good to be true,” it probably is.

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