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Resume Blaster Services: Why You Need to Avoid Them

Posted on: February 6, 2010

We’re all busy these days, and certainly when we have the added task of having to search for a job, the thought of hiring a service to do a “mass blast” of our resumé to hundreds of organizations that are can help us with our job search is certainly an attractive sounding option, right?

Wrong! While it is tempting to cut corners in your job search, cutting this particular corner can have a negative effect for several reasons.

Loss of Control. Most resume blasting companies harvest a bunch of e-mail addresses and don’t bother to check to see if the lead is valid. For example, if a spammer or identity thief wanted to set up an e-mail account, it would take a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile the resumé blasting company who does a general email search looking for any addresses with the keyword “employment” is likely to pick up this address and not bother to confirm whether it’s a legitimate business or just someone who chose the handle for a different, less than honorable purpose.

What this means is that if you release your resumé with your contact information, be ready for anything and everything.

Potential for Spam. As mentioned above, some resume blasting services simply mine email addresses of recruiters and don’t bother to perform a quality control inspection. For instance, they might tap into ABC Recruiters and gain a list of every single e-mail address. With more and more companies tightening up their incoming mail controls, the odds of an e-mail message coming from the same address with the same subject line and content are probably going to be flagged as spam and never make it to the recipients.

Even if they do make it to the recipient, how annoyed do you think the colleagues at ABC Recruiting are going to be if John finds out that his colleague Mark has already contacted a lead?

No Guarantees. Most resume blaster services offer to send your resumé to a set number of recruiters, BUT if you don’t read the fine print, you’ll see that the blasting services makes no guarantees as to whether the e-mails are valid. Let’s say a service promises to blast your resumé to 25 targets, but of those 25, eight e-mails are no longer valid. Guess what? You just paid for eight blasts that were duds.

And try arguing your point with the blasting service, who will likely tell you that they fulfilled their end of the deal by sending out your resumé to a list of 25 contacts; what happened beyond that, was not their responsibility.

If you are truly looking for a “shortcut” to help hasten your job search, you are better off hiring someone who is trained in conducting such a search on your behalf.

Patricia Duckers of Prism Writing Services is trained in preparing job searches for clients. We’ll be glad to customize a targeted plan specifically to meet your needs. Visit our web site  for more information, including a sample strategy.

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