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The Art of Successful Interviewing

Posted on: January 25, 2010

When I was in graduate school, I majored in Corporate Communications. One of my course electives was a course in effective advertising copy. In that class, I was introduced to one of the all-time GREATEST ads ever produced, an ad done for McGraw-Hill Magazines, entitled “Now…What was it you wanted to sell me?”

The ad, which you can see here, featured a stern-looking businessman circa 1950 purported to be addressing a sales person who was attempting to close a deal. 

Ah, but only one problem. The salesperson didn’t come in with a strong enough pitch, hence drawing the ire of the fictitious businessman in the ad.

That ad, which has been modernized at least once that I know of, still packs a wallop and underscores the importance of why a person needs to come into a business meeting, such as a job interview, ready.

When you show up for a job interview, you are, in fact, trying to “sell” your product (which of course is you). You want that employer to see you as the best candidate.

The reality of the situation is you’re one of several candidates competing for the job. And unless you have a stellar industry reputation, you’re really going to need to develop a strong sales pitch to convey to that employer that they simply MUST hire you.

That’s where interview coaching comes in. A trained interview coach can help you with developing a strong sales pitch in which your key selling points are woven into a tapestry of different scenarios which are right for nearly any question you’ll be asked.

An investment in career coaching often pays for itself, often times in your first paycheck. So if you’re really serious about getting that new job and you’re just not having success in making it past the interview stage, isn’t it time to consider interview coaching?

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