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Posted on: January 18, 2010

As a certified professional resume writer, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes in my career written by the job-seekers and in some cases, by people who purport to be “experts” in resume preparation. Suffice to say I’ve seen a lot of blunders made which the resumé holder fails to even notice — and I’m not just talking about a  poor branding strategy, either.

Anyway, a really neat web site was brought to my attention that I just had to share. It’s a blog post entitled 150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever — it’s definitely worth a read.

I’ll share one of my favorite job-search bloopers. A few years ago I was at a job fair when this young man who I guessed to be about 25 approached my table to receive a complimentary resume review  that I was offering that day. Behind him was this older-looking woman who at first I assumed was either a friend or colleague.

Anyway, I go through his resumé and it’s probably one of the poorest resumes I had ever seen. Trying to be nice about it, I started going over the weak areas  and offered some constructive feedback on how to improve the overall document.

The young man interrupts me and says, “Wait a minute. I need my mother to hear this.”

Sure enough that older woman who was trailing him was his mother — and talk about a “mother hen.” This woman absolutely refused to believe that her “precious baby” was anything less than perfect and  that his resumé (which she had personally prepared) was lacking.

She was also of the opinion — expressed loudly at that — that “every employer in that room should be lining up to meet him.”

It goes without saying that the young man wasn’t very successful in his quest to find a job that day as I happened to catch a glance of him interacting with a company whose table was a couple away from mine. there was his mother, front and center interfering every chance she had. 

Later that day, during the vendors’ lunch break which was held in a smaller meeting room, the “mother hen” was the topic of the day, as those who met her a good laugh about how adamant she was about her son.

Personally, I felt sorry for the son who in his quest to be a good boy, was too hen-pecked to find his own way in the world. This was several years ago; I hope he eventually realized that despite his mom’s good intentions, she was dragging him down and not helping him.


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